Here are the things I have done and Like to do.

I went on an African Safari in July 2000.
Here are the animals and a couple of pictures of the area

Fising use to be my biggest hobbie.
I now have a 1998 Skeeter 202ZX bass boat
Here are some fishing pics.
I also use to do a lot of wheeling.
My old room mate in collage has a hummer, my old boss at U of I had a '73 Chevy pickup
that he has built nicely, and I use to have a '94 Toyota that was asome in the snow.
Now I have a '84 4 Runner that is totally built (air locker, limited slitp etc).
Here are some pictures of a couple of our trips.

I try hard to stay quite active
I have had a busy life. I graduated for U of I with my Electrical Engineering degree
(not english, note some spelling errors :) and moved to Pocatello ID where I was a test engineer for AMI Semiconductor.
I hiked Mt. Borah ID a few times.
Another thing I do is ride bikes in Moab, UT. Both Moto and mountain bikes

Other odd ball things
here are some other miscellaneous.
I know this page is a little rough right now, too bad.
If you need to or would like to emial me my address is

Pics from my grandfathers house on Black Lake, near Coeur D'Alene ID.

I am a Mixed Signal IC Design Engineer at Raytheon, before that I was a Digital Test Engineer at AMI Semiconductor in Pocatello ID. I graduated from U of Idaho in December 2000 with my Electrical Engineering degree.

motorcycle 1
motorcycle 2

Santa Barbara 1
Santa Barbara 2
Santa Barbara 3